All bows are handmade by the artist; therefore, there will be slight variations in the placement of the pattern. You may or may not receive the exact bow pictured, but you will receive one using the same fabrics and techniques.

Purple Zebra KareBow

Tiny Pink Flower KareBow

Zebra KareBow

Plaid and Polka Dot KareBow

Giraffe KareBow

Lemon Lime KareBow

Groovy KareBow

Cheetah KareBow

Gorgeous Green KareBow

Comic Flowers KareBow

Black and Sparkling Pink KareBow

Love of Music KareBow

Pink and White Frills KareBow

Grey and Blue Flowered Large Bow

Grey and Black Circles Large Bow

Red and Blue Flowers Large Bow

Pink Large Bow

Purple Zebra Large Bow

Cheetah Large Bow

Grey and Red Polka Dot Large Bow

Blue and Green Plaid Large Bow

Pink and Black Small Bow

Poppin' Green and Pink Large Bow

Teal Striped Large Bow

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